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The demand for educated technical professionals continues to grow year after year. Increase your earning potential and open the door for more possibilities with a bachelor’s or master’s degree or certificate in one of these in-demand areas. Take control of your future, from the comfort of your home.

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The University of Wisconsin offers online degrees in technology across the master’s, bachelor’s and certificate level. Each degree and certificate prepares students to fill the most in-demand positions in technology. Find the fit that’s right for you.

Master’s in Applied Biotechnology

11 courses. 31 credits.

Whether your interest is in healthcare, agriculture, or industry, you can learn how to bring the best of biotech to market. Choose one or more tracks from Quality Assurance, Business Management, or R&D.

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Master’s in Cybersecurity 

12 courses. 34 credits. 

From cyber analysts to CISOs, the cybersecurity job market is growing – exponentially – and there is a need for all backgrounds and skills. Gain specialized technical skills, plus fundamental cybersecurity knowledge and tailor your degree to align with your career goals. Choose from four tracks of study: Cyber Response, Digital Forensics, Security Architecture or Leadership and Governance.

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Master’s in Data Science

12 courses. 36 credits.

As a Data Science student you’ll learn how to clean and analyze data using modern languages and the latest tools and techniques in the field. Learn to derive meaning from real-world data, communicate discoveries clearly to stakeholders, and make powerful business decisions.

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Master’s in IT Management

11 courses. 31 credits.

Designed for professionals interested in leading IT initiatives and helping organizations evaluate and keep pace with technology changes. Learn essential management skills and gain knowledge in IT areas that are critical to advancing business strategy, such as data science, cloud computing, and enterprise security. Structured with three program graduate certificates that stack to the master’s degree, to quickly give you respected credentials on your way to earning a masters. 

Bachelor's Degrees in Technology

These bachelor’s completion degrees are designed for students who have completed some college coursework, but have not yet earned their bachelor’s degree.

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Bachelor’s in Applied Computing

21 courses. 61 credits. 

This degree-completion program gives you the opportunity to finish your degree and graduate into in-demand jobs like programmer, application/full-stack developer, database administrator, IT business analyst and more.

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Bachelor’s in Health Information Management & Technology

21 courses. 61 credits. 

This dual concentration bachelor’s program gives you the option to focus on health information management or technology, or both. The Health Information Technology concentration teaches information technology and systems, preparing you to build and use software systems to analyze data that will drive improvements in patient care.

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Bachelor’s in Information Science and Technology

19 courses. 57 credits.

Offered in the competency-based UW Flexible Option format, this UW-Milwaukee degree builds on your experience, allowing you to earn a degree at a pace you control. Stay on top of the ever-evolving field of IT, while developing core skills in information science, architecture; organization, storage and retrieval; and applications of the internet.

Certificates in Technology

These flexible, online certificates were designed to align with in-demand occupations across growing industries.

Graduate Certificate in Applied Bioinformatics

4 courses. 12 credits.

Learn how to process biological data from scientific research. Gain proficiency in applied statistics, machine learning, data visualization, programming, and other techniques.

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Certificate in Health Care Informatics 

6 courses. 18 credits.

Learn the in-demand skills at the intersection of IT and healthcare. Gain the skills to manage IT and understand the unique needs of healthcare systems. This multidisciplinary certificate is offered in the competency-based UW Flexible Option format.

Graduate Certificate in Data Science 

5 courses. 15 credits.

Build relevant data science skills and position yourself for success in today’s data-driven world with this  graduate certificate. You will sharpen your understanding of data science and develop the skills necessary to effectively work with and communicate about data. Certifcate credits can be applied to a future Master’s degree.


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Graduate Certificate in Enterprise Infrastructure

3 courses. 9 credits.

Deepen your knowledge of the technology side of IT management and learn the state-of-the-art tools and software used to run IT applications on a large scale in contemporary business environments. Certifcate credits can be applied to a future Master’s degree.

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Graduate Certificate in IT Leadership

3 courses. 9 credits.

Build the  business and technology skills you need to step into leadership. Learn the communication, finance and budgeting, and management skills you need to position yourself for success.

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Graduate Certificate in IT Operations

3 courses. 9 credits.

Build the IT project management skills to successfully lead and manage teams working to implement organization-driven IT solutions. Learn how to structure a team, implement tools, develop timelines and budgets, perform business analysis, and support strategic goals.

UW Bachelor of Science in Business Management

Graduate Certificate in Leading Fintech Transformations

3 courses. 9 credits.

Gain the knowledge and skills to apply financial technology solutions to business problems. Learn fintech essentials, analytics, and how to manage innovation.

UW Bachelor of Science in Business Management

Graduate Certificate in Emerging Technologies in Fintech

3 courses. 9 credits.

Gain the technical knowledge and skills to develop financial technology applications and implementation. Learn fintech technologies, blockchain technologies, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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