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Capstone Projects

RDC Sandbox Refresh

Program: Applied Computing Bachelor's
Location: Not Specified (remote)
Student: Joseph Stefancin

The RDC Sandbox Refresh Project seeks to revitalize and expand an existing test environment to better serve training, troubleshooting, and educational purposes. By enhancing the virtual environment to closely resemble a customer’s production environment, it aims to provide a realistic experience for users. Managed by the Customer Care team, the refreshed Sandbox environment will accommodate all products supported by the team, including web and desktop applications. With its capability to handle tasks such as troubleshooting patches, onboarding new hires, and conducting training exercises, the Sandbox environment becomes a versatile tool for various needs. Importantly, its non-production status and restricted access, coupled with the ability to restore from backups/snapshots, ensure minimal risk to end users and foster a low-stress environment conducive to learning. Through this initiative, the project endeavors to elevate the effectiveness and efficiency of test environments, enhancing the overall quality of support provided by the Customer Care team.