Online Learning Formats

UW Extended Campus offers multiple, 100% online learning options so you can find the best fit for your life.

  • Semester-based programs are instructor-led and are offered in the fall, spring, and summer.
  • Competency-based programs offered by UW Flexible Option allow you to learn independently and build upon the knowledge you already have (often from previous study or work experience) to pass assessments and advance toward a degree or certificate. You can start any month.
  • Individual courses for undergraduate or CEU credit are available through UW Independent Learning.
  • Boot Camps are programs that help you rapidly master in-demand IT skills with a cohort of fellow students in an instructor-led online classroom. You can attend classes virtually from any location.

All UW Extended campus online options give you access to a University of Wisconsin education, along with on-going support from your instructors and student support staff.