HWM 494 Health and Wellness Management Fieldwork Experience

Fieldwork placement is an academic requirement of all Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness Management degree-seeking students enrolled in HWM 494 Health and Wellness Management Fieldwork during their final semester of the program.

Research has shown that practical experience is essential in preparing students for a future career in wellness management. Our goal is to provide students with an experience that is of the highest quality, represents a true learning experience, and will develop valuable professional skills.

Students are required to work a minimum of 150 hours, and will be responsible for securing their fieldwork experience placement while enrolled in HWM 493 Health and Wellness Management Fieldwork Prep.

Goal of Fieldwork Experience

Upon completion of this fieldwork experience, the student will have gained an excellent understanding and knowledge of how a company or organization provides a variety of health and wellness programs and activities to employees/community. The student will complete experiences to meet a minimum of three of the competency areas listed below and will be evaluated on his/her performance in each of these areas.

Competency Areas:

  • Health and wellness program planning and development
  • Health and wellness program facilitation and/or presentation
  • Marketing and promotion of programs and events
  • Development of oral and written communication skills
  • Opportunities for developing a professional network
  • Administrative/organizational projects

Download a PDF with information about the fieldwork experience requirement.

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