Capstone Projects

3M Menomonie Fibers Water Use Analysis and Reduction Proposal

Program: Sustainable Management Bachelor's
Host Company: 3M Menomonie
Location: Menomonie, Wisconsin (onsite)
Student: Ashley Misselt

This project will be a client-based quantitative analysis of the amount of water used in the fibers making department at 3M Menomonie, Wisconsin. I will be working closely with both the environmental engineering department for the analysis and project engineers to implement a solution for using less water in the department. I will present my data findings and proposed solutions to the water use issue in a presentation format delivered to the management and engineering team for the fiber making department.

“The completion of this capstone course and SMGT program is an accomplishment that I cannot even begin to describe. I have been going to college on and off for 12 years and have changed my major four different times before finally finding something that I enjoy and that can help me advance my career. When I graduated high school, I was certain that I wanted to be a counselor which then turned me onto a psychology degree. After deciding that wasn’t for me, I moved onto Criminal Justice where I was one course away from completing my bachelor’s degree before a mistake on my advisor cost me my graduation. It was difficult for me to go back after such a negative experience, but I had started my life elsewhere and had moved on to bigger and better opportunities.           I started working at 3M in 2017 and became an Environmental Health and Safety Specialist in 2019. It was in this role that I decided to return to school and chose to join the SMGT program. I was fortunate enough to have 3M agree that I was worth the investment and have had my schooling paid for. I intend to take this degree and move forward by becoming an Environmental Engineer at 3M Menomonie. Going to school full time, having health issues, and having a baby just before my senior year has been an exciting and difficult ride. This capstone course has been especially difficult as my son and I have both had some major health concerns. I got behind early in the course and have had to work hard to move forward and get my project done. I am extremely grateful for all the professors who have worked with me over the semesters in my SMGT program. I have learned so much that I can use in my career and the capstone project has been a great way for me to solidify my name at 3M Menomonie to help further my environmental career. I think the project will be a great way to transition from my academic career into my real-world career.”