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Capstone Projects

Artificial Intelligence Recommendation System for Healthcare Coverage Rates

Program: Data Science Master's
Location: Honolulu, Hawaii (remote)
Student: Lyudmyla Kochubiy

The main goal of my capstone project was to make a model that could predict medical claim amounts billed and amounts paid for an insurance company in Hawaii. The main goal of the project was to help healthcare providers and insurance companies make the best use of their finances and resources. This was done by making sure that at least 80% of the premiums received went toward paying claims. The model also tried to find a good mix between giving clients and individuals health insurance at a good price and making it easy for the business to grow and get a good name in the market, which would give it a competitive edge. 

The most important part of my capstone project was making a model that correctly predicts how much claims will cost in the next period. This model could then be used to figure out how much group and individual premiums will cost. By reaching this goal, the model would make it possible for healthcare providers and insurance companies to make choices based on accurate information, which would improve their operational efficiency and financial stability. In the end, the goal of the project was to help the insurance company grow and improve its market place, as well as to help people get better financial management and better health coverage.