Capstone Projects

Assessing the Knowledge and Attitudes of Health and Wellness Coaches about Motivational Interviewing

Program: Health and Wellness Management
Host Company: National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching (NBHWC)
Location: Duluth, Minnesota (onsite)
Student: Chelsea Hurst

Worked on an IRB-approved research on Motivational Interviewing. Modified a Motivational Interviewing assessment to send as a survey to wellness coaches. Publication is still in development.

“Completing the Masters Program with a “hands on” final course could not be a better way to wrap up your experience and learnings within the program. It’s imperative as students, researchers and wellness professionals we network and apply our skill set and knowledge to our field. I highly recommend thinking about what type of capstone project you would want to do right away; start thinking about it in your first semester. The program flies by, and it’s better to prepare for the capstone early so you feel well-prepared for the last few semesters of your master’s program!”