Capstone Projects

Assisting with the CAHIIM Accreditation Process

Program: Health Information Management Technology Bachelor's
Host Company: University of Wisconsin CEOEL
Location: Madison, Wisconsin (onsite)
Student: Heather Brusky

I had the amazing opportunity to do a remote Capstone Project for the UW Extension helping with the accreditation process. Many of the HIMT programs within the UW Extension are at different stages of the accreditation process. I had the task of researching the accreditation process from the initial application to CAS submission, the site visit process, and the annual APAP submissions. I also completed the 2014 HIM Baccalaureate Degree Curriculum Requirements spreadsheet and designed and completed the Practice Handout Baccalaureate Curriculum Build Tool using information from program syllabi. This Capstone Project will be extremely valuable to me in my career in teaching.