Capstone Projects

Behavioral Health Business Plan using Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Program: Healthcare Administration Master's
Host Company: SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital- Madison
Location: Madison, Wisconsin (onsite)
Student: Haylee Stachow

This project was designed to educate and make providers in the Madison community aware of the TMS program and its use, availability, and how to refer. It was a distribution of information to those that worked within behavioral health already, and is designed to go beyond that as well post-graduation. It is creating an environment where TMS is no longer a last resort treatment for depression, anxiety or OCD, but rather one of the first.

“Being able to complete this project at my workplace and watching it actually make a difference for patients in need was the most rewarding outcome. TMS is such a special treatment and more people should know about it. Having the ability to complete my capstone on something I care deeply about has made it even more worthwhile.”