Capstone Projects

Coding, Quality, and Data Tracking

Program: Health Information Management Technology Bachelor's
Host Company: Aurora Health Care
Location: Delafield, Wisconsin (onsite)
Student: Kelsey Butterfield

Analyzing 2016 coding quality reviews and denial spreadsheets in order to trend and determine future education needs for coding staff. I will be tasked with finding the top diagnoses denied/incorrect, top procedures denied/incorrect, top coders with errors, number of appeals successful, number of appeals not successful, and number of denials agreed to. Main Objectives of the Project Determine future education needs for coding staff at Aurora Health Care. Major Tasks and Deliverables for Completion of the Project Reports determining each of the following:

• Top Diagnoses denied/incorrect
• Top Procedures denied/incorrect
• Top Coders with Errors
• # of Appeals successful/ # of Appeals not successful (sorted by reason for denial)
• # of Denials agreed to

Methods and Modes of Carrying Out the Tasks Remote and independent work using Microsoft Excel and emails to communicate with my site supervisor. I will have access to the information at all times, and will work on the project at multiple days and times throughout the week. Provisions for Unexpected Project Changes In the case of an unexpected change to the project, I would follow the following steps:

1. Have an extra week worked into the project schedule to account for any potential delays or additions to the project.
2. In the case of an unexpected change, I will inform my site supervisor of the necessary change, with an explanation as to why, or a request for assistance.
3. Inform my Capstone instructor of the agreed upon change between my site supervisor and myself, with an explanation as to why it is taking place.