Capstone Projects

Combining Discharge Analysis and Health Record Completion Auditor Job Descriptions Into a Health Record Completion Auditor

Program: Health Information Management Technology Bachelor's
Host Company: Marshfield Medical Center-Rice Lake Center
Location: Rice Lake, Wisconsin (onsite)

My internship consisted of many areas throughout Marshfield Medical Health Systems in the Rice Lake center (Watson Health Top 100 Hospitals 2019 for small community hospitals). Ihad chances to work with the hospital, clinic, and dental centers. I even got to spend a day working with hospice. While working with the dental center I worked with Lisa Vono, Kelly Musil, Jill Schmidt, and Julie Thomas. While at the dental center I have learned a lot from these ladies. They were all wonderful to work with. With Lisa I learned about making sure the right paperwork was in order for patients to attend their appointments whether is was a legal ward of the state or a minor. Lisa showed me how to check appointments to make sure the correct paperwork is there for the appointments. We also worked on dealing with paperwork that the providers would hand us like referrals. With referrals I learned how to send them internally and externally. With referrals we would also send x-rays at times. The dental center is also in the process of switching programs from Patterson to CDR-DICOM. I learned the process of switching from Patterson to CDR-DICOM because the two systems are not compatible, so our center is switching the x-rays to folders and then moving them one at a time from that folder to the CDR-DICOM software. I scanned documents in for charts and indexed them as well. I sent out letters for people that missed appointments.

With Kelly Musil, Administrative Secretary, I was shown reports such as how to order supplies for the dental center. I got to work on a data entry with an excel worksheet. I logged and organized all of the chairs within the facility. I also designed a Word document that listed managers and dental assistants that would be on call with their phone numbers. I also checked in lab case tickets for Kelly. With Jill and Julie, I dealt with insurance and helping people have insurance coverage. With Julie, Managed Care Coordinator, I checked the appointments for a day and made sure the patients coming in for treatment that day were covered for their appointments or that they would self-pay for their appointment. I really enjoyed Jill’s position, Patient Assistant Counselor, she would screen patient’s and see if they qualified for the sliding fee offered at the dental center. If someone was eligible for Medicaid she would call and help them get set up for Medicaid. I like being able to help people.

In the hospital, I worked with many people and learned a lot of information. In Release of Information, Tammy and Tanya showed me how to send referrals for the clinic and filling out the legal documents with the patient. They also would release documents if patients needed them. I worked with Jennifer and Darlene in the scanning department. I was shown how they use the barcodes on documents and how they put the medical history number on documents if needed. I also worked in coding learning inpatient, outpatient, emergency department, and hospice coding. I really thought the software program they used to code was interesting. I enjoyed using the program they used to code it was easy to use. Hospice I got to work with Robyn and Toni at hospice and they showed me their daily routines. Robyn does a lot of scheduling for groups such as grief group. Toni ran reports for the patient’s that the doctor’s needed to sign. We would send each order out to the prescribing doctor. I also got to work with quite a few people in the patient services department seeing how they submitted claims to the insurance companies.

My sponsor, Ann Nielsen gave me the project of combining two job descriptions as a project to do. Recently Marshfield clinic merged with Lakeview Medical Center. Each had a different description job that was similar to another. The two job descriptions were Discharge Analysis and Health Record Completion Auditor. Both jobs were similar. I combined them both into the Health Record Completion Auditor. I found the differences that were in the Discharge Analysis description and added them to the Health Record Completion Auditor. I would add the differences to the correct areas of the job description.