Capstone Projects

Compiling Duplicate Medical Record Report in Meditech EHR System through Remote Access

Program: Health Information Management Technology Bachelor's
Host Company: Watertown Regional Medical Center
Location: Watertown, Wisconsin (remote)
Student: Muriel Antwi-Sohngen

Project Description and Objective: In an effort to maintain a complete Medical record for every patient that visits the Medical Center, there are instances where multiple records are accidentally created for a patient due to incorrectly entered or incomplete patient personal information given at the time of registration.

This project seeks to document a detailed Job Aide in order to first identify existing records in the system before a duplicate one is created, secondly to create a process for merging duplicate records once they are found and lastly to document the patient registration process which is the main source of the records entered into the system.

Creating and documenting these processes will give hospital staff a uniform way of entering records in order to ensure clean reports in the system.

Methods and Modes: project will be carried out remotely and reviews will be done over the phone

Provision for Unexpected Project Change: Student or supervisor will communicate any unforeseen changes as they arise, and the necessary accommodations will be discussed.

Student project – Fall 2016