Capstone Projects

Configuring the Epic End-User and Optimizing the Epic EHR

Program: Health Information Management Technology Bachelor's
Host Company: University of Colorado Health IT Department
Location: Aurora, Colorado (onsite)

The Epic EHR is one of the most advanced EHR systems on the market today. Being able to configure the end-user’s profile, trouble shoot issues, and build new functionality into the system requires extensive training. The Epic EHR is broken down into modules, each of which provided different kinds of functionality, such as serving ambulatory clinics, pharmacy, laboratory, inpatient, population health, and other functions of healthcare. The EpicCareambulatory module serves as a basis for the other Epic modules, and has two levels of mastery that can be recognized. EpicCare ambulatory certification is the most extensive of the credentials, and requires the user to attend classes at the Epic headquarters in Verona, Wisconsin, in addition to passing two tests, and completing two projects. The EpicCare ambulatory proficiency has all of the same content, except without the travel to Epic headquarters for in-person training, and a more lenient grading threshold on the tests and projects. This paper will discuss my efforts at obtaining the EpicCare Ambulatory proficiency, as well the time I spent shadowing the Epic ambulatory SPRINT team at UCHealth.