Capstone Projects

Employee Wellness in Law Enforcement

Program: Health and Wellness Management
Host Company: St. Paul Police Department
Location: St. Paul, Minnesota (onsite)
Student: Danielle LePage

Project with local law enforcement agency, creating new wellness initiatives involving physical fitness, nutrition campaigns and newsletter communications.


  1. Develop a team (and possibly individual) fitness challenge competition to encourage gym participation;
  2. Conduct a cooking class that presents a simple recipe that can be completed by any beginner cook and requires minimal prep time;
  3. Improve use of technology for officers’ access to fitness and wellness resources, including promotion of a cooking class and any fitness challenges;
  4. Create a “Couch to 5k” challenge for those wanting to try running, or a pull-up challenge with or without duty belt;
  5. Create a newsletter on how to pack healthy snacks for on the go and between meals;
  6. Create a newsletter to market use of technology like fitness trackers or phone apps to promote fitness and encourage accountability.