Capstone Projects

Financial Transparency as a Service

Program: Data Science Master's
Location: Not Specified (remote)
Student: Joe Cudiamat

This project is going to create services and reporting that can help someone manage their income, understand variable spending, minimize debt, and make recommendations for financial next steps such as which debt to pay off first. In exchange for these services, the business will gain fruitful insights into how much individuals spend, with who do they spend, and what tolerance of debt is out there.  

With this information, aggregating the data to give spending habit insights back to our users creates a continual need for the platform which builds an active monthly active user base. Users will learn more about their spending and thus make better decisions. 

From a business standpoint, they are selling the aggregated information to financial institutions or retailers so they can better market or target individuals with product offerings such as bank accounts, credit cards, or investment capabilities.  These offers can be sponsored areas within the platform and if the user activates one of these offers, the business will get a referral or conversion bonus.