Capstone Projects

Froedtert West Bend Health Center New Employee Onboarding and Orientation

Program: Healthcare Administration Master's
Host Company: Froedtert West Bend Health Center
Location: West Bend, Wisconsin (onsite)
Student: Mark Del Vecchio

Froedtert has a high turnover rate. This is largely due to the pandemic, but many factors also play into the high turnover.  One of the biggest contributors to the high turnover rates in one department of the West Bend Health Center (WBHC); Endocrinology, and the Community Physicians (CP) Resource float pool for new employees was a lack of unform set of training materials, leading to employees choosing to leave Froedtert, or seek other opportunities within the organization. In an article in Employee Benefit news, quoted Work Institute 2017 Retention report estimating that it costs as much as 33% of a worker’s annual salary to replace. For example, if an employee made $60,000 a year it would cost the company roughly $19,800 to replace that employee (Otto, 2017).

High quality training provides for a highly skilled workforce but played a greater role in employee retention. High quality training opportunities promote higher job satisfaction, greater sense of appreciation and engagement, and a smoother onboarding experience (Quantum workplace, 2022, July 13). Therefore, revision of the onboarding orientation was necessary.

This capstone project was conducted over approximately 160 hours, both remotely and on site at Froedtert West Bend Health Center in West Bend Wisconsin and consisted of the development and provision of a uniform set of training materials to reduce staff turnover and improve productivity. These training materials consisted of a Medical Assistant / Licensed Practical Nurse (MA/LPN) onboarding and orientation intranet site and training binder, a Endocrinology Department training binder, and a PowerPoint Presentation / Binder for Glucometer/Continuous Glucose Monitoring, and Insulin Pump Downloading which was implemented through out the Froedtert and Community Physicians Endocrinology Clinics as a valuable training resource.