Capstone Projects

Improving Customer Service Satisfaction in American Lutheran Home and Hilview Senior Living

Program: Healthcare Administration Master's
Host Company: American Lutheran Home and Hilview Senior Living
Location: Mondovi, Wisconsin (onsite)
Student: Emmanuel Asamoah-Bekoe

 The focus of the capstone project was to improve the customer service satisfaction in the American Lutheran Home & Hillview Senior Living. The objectives included:

  1. Gathering information from residents regarding services needing improvement.
  2. Identifying factors (root cause) leading to customer dissatisfaction.
  3. Analyzing data results & draw conclusions.
  4. Make recommendations to address identified services requiring improvement on customer services satisfaction.

Out of the 54 residents 34 were interviewed based on 14 both open ended and close ended questionnaires. The capstone project timeline was 150 hours that covered the deliverables, process, and the task.

The report of the project indicated that majority of the 34 residents interviewed were satisfied with the customer service of the facilities. The root cause analysis manifested that inadequate quality time or communication with them, shortage of their workforce and their food services (meals) were the reasons for the dissatisfaction among the residents.

Appropriate improvement suggestions (recommendations) were made to the facility management team (leadership). For instance, they may venture into foreign recruitments of skilled healthcare professionals. Again, they could employ resident-centered food services and update the education and the training of the cooks and others to equip them adequately.