Capstone Projects

In the E-Business of Eliminating Fast Fashion: A Business Plan

Program: Sustainable Management Bachelor's
Location: Not Specified (onsite)
Student: Sophia Ariola

A Business Plan was created for my capstone project in order to create an immersive outline for a real-world application of the concepts, approaches, and considerations I’ve gained from this program’s curriculum. Wear(e)able is a small-scale, single-owner ecommerce resale company with advantageous goals of impacting the profit-oriented industry of fashion as a whole to include conscientious efforts and actions that support collective improvements in areas of people, planet, and profit. Wear(e)able hopes to grow into a position of influence where inspiring sustainable consumption habits on an individual and community level through educating its market inspires a broad shift in the industry to become a leader in sustainable practices.

“SMGT’s requirement of a final capstone is inherently valuable and the best opportunity I received to apply my collected knowledge gained through the SGMT program.”