Capstone Projects

Inclusion of Sustainable Studies in Primary Through Secondary Studies

Program: Sustainable Management Bachelor's
Location: Not Specified (remote)
Student: Madelyn Kendall

Youth education for sustainable development is a form of education that is needed to combat the social, environmental, and economic issues that the world is faced with. An educational reform that emphasizes sustainable development aims to prepare and empower future generations to face complex challenges. Schools that have gardens, teach students about current environmental events, promote systems and critical thinking, and have a hands-on learning approach are reforming the education system in the right direction.  The case study discusses youth sustainable educational reform in great detail, from its current state around the globe and internally to different programs and frameworks that are already implemented. It discusses the positive and negative outcomes of implementation through figures, statistics, and real-world examples. The study is composed of research from a plethora of internet resources, investigative interviews, and personal knowledge.