Capstone Projects

Increasing the Reproducibility, Accuracy, and Efficiency of the qPCR Protocol Through Additional Analysis Parameters

Program: Applied Biotechnology Master's — Research and Development
Host Company: Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts (onsite)
Student: Devin Joseph Sobezenski

The purpose of the capstone experience was to showcase my ability to translate techniques, methods, and knowledge gained in pursuing my master’s degree in applied biotechnology, and apply them within my workplace to provide meaningful findings to progress the field of knowledge. The focus of the research was to enhance the accuracy, precision, and reproducibility of the qPCR protocol used within my workplace through an analysis of additional analysis parameters such as the efficiency of the amplification graph, standard error, standard deviation of Ct values, coefficient of variation, slope, and 95% confidence intervals. With samples being held to a higher standard from the additional metrics, there will be an increase in the number of failed samples that should not proceed due to being unsatisfactory.