Capstone Projects

Life Along the Margins: How Citizen Research Can Educate Communities and Protect Critical Habitat

Program: Sustainable Management Master's
Location: Eau Claire, Wisconsin (remote)
Student: Adam Poch

My project examined the disconnect between advancements in holistic land management and the average homeowner, asking if insects thrive on property managed atypically.

My experience in environmental work led me to pollinator health and restoration ecology as I searched for better ways to shift outdated and damaging cultural practices. I noticed when working on these high visibility sites that passersby were always curious and sometimes asked questions. It was a great opportunity to harness their curiosity and educate them on the importance and value of conservation and restoration work, so I wanted to amplify that effort with my own research. I sharpened my knowledge and understanding of how to navigate entrenched societal norms, which I plan on applying to my community and others nearby. we must work for the rewards we wish to see, and I wish to care for the plants and creatures surrounding us all.