Capstone Projects

Method Development and Validation in Ligand Binding Enzyme-Linked Immunoassay for the Detection of Frataxin in Non-Human Primate Tissue and Whole Blood Lysates

Program: Applied Biotechnology Bachelor's — Quality Assurance and Compliance
Host Company: Charles River Laboratories
Location: Mattawan, Michigan (onsite)
Student: Alex Nelson

Charles River Laboratories was asked to create a protocol for a drug sponsor which would determine if their drug candidate was creating the desired and expected response within non-human primates. This drug would treat Friedreich’s Ataxia if it were to be successful. The drug, in theory, should induce the production of human Frataxin within the non-human primate. The main outcome of this project is the development, validation of a written protocol for the quantification of human Frataxin in non-human primate tissues and whole blood.