Capstone Projects

Microsoft PowerApps Capital Approval

Program: Applied Computing Bachelor's
Host Company: Neenah Foundry
Location: Neenah, Wisconsin (onsite)
Student: Kyle Guthrie

The previous capital expenditure process involved copying data from a spreadsheet into a third-party web-based application called Kissflow. The data that was entered into this application was unusable due to it not residing on our servers.  The new process still has the user copying data from a spreadsheet, but it is now into a Microsoft PowerApps application. The data is stored on our Microsoft tenant as well as on premises. It also integrates with all the current systems in place. The integration includes Microsoft Teams, Outlook, IBM iSeries, and Power BI.

Once the user enters capital expense data an automatic approval process starts. The data is captured, and a link is sent to the appropriate people for review and approval.  Once reviewed, within MS Teams or via an email in Outlook, they can approve the expense with a simple click of a button. During the entire process, the original submitter is notified of the progress of the submission.