Capstone Projects

Natus Inc. (A Case Study)

Program: Data Science Master's
Location: Not Specified (remote)
Student: Mark Hanson

In collaboration with the product management team, I put together a case study in customer retention as it relates to market share. Natus is challenged with increasing its market share, but with over 8,000 accounts, Natus wants to know where the risk is with customer churn. So, the case study is truly breaking down customer spend, over periods, over regions, and looking for data science tools to analyze these trends. But, the other part of this project was beyond understanding data, it s about understanding what customer retention means, and putting actions to become more active with developing tools for relationship building. A couple of those outcomes are the online store and the Natus Choice program. Those tools will now have its own data analysis process put in place and see what actions come from the use of these new programs.