Capstone Projects

NFT creator and seller for Esteem Digital

Program: Applied Computing Bachelor's
Host Company: Esteem Digital
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin (remote)
Student: Daniel Lee Jandrin

The purpose of the project is to create a website that would be able to mint NFTs. The NFTs would then be able to be purchased on said website. The website would not use a typical username and password for access. Instead, the website would communicate with the user’s crypto wallet browser extension, MetaMask, for access. The project will use the cryptocurrency Ether for transactions. Cryptocurrency and smart contract functions will be coded in the language Solidity. Website functions will be coded in JavaScript, and website appearance will be coded using CSS and Tailwind.
A personal pride for this student, is the clean looking website which was made easy by using CSS Tailwind. Another point that is worth remark is the fact that this project does not use a built in database but instead uses Etherium’s systems to keep tabs of accounts and items.