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Capstone Projects

Qlik Application Creation for Deeper Analysis of Department of Defense Budget

Program: Data Science Master's
Location: Not Specified (onsite)
Student: Heather Moeller

The United States President’s Budget provides funding for all government run programs that Americans utilize on a day-to-day basis. With a rising national deficit in recent years, federal budget planning and spending has been in great scrutiny and oversight. Because of this, it is important that stakeholders in the process be equipped with all the financial and program data when making decision that affect the financial security of the United States. Many of those stakeholders are currently clients of Integrated Data Services, Inc. which is an enterprise software solutions company that creates interactive dashboards for Department of Defense. To create a better solution for clients to gain information to aid in financial decision making, an application in Qlik was created. This paper goes through the steps of creating a Qlik application from start to finish for IDS clients. The focus is on the extraction of PDF materials, loading and transforming raw data, and creating tables, visuals, and interactive dashboards in Qlik for clients to make more educated and informed decisions regarding the Air Force Research, Development, Test and Evaluation data. To complete this, an application was created for development and analyzing of the data. The conclusion of this project was the creation of eight sheets for clients to utilize with data tables, visuals, and interactive dashboards to aid in decision making.