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Capstone Projects

Service Request System

Program: Applied Computing Bachelor's
Host Company: University of Wisconsin – Madison, Center for Educational Opportunity
Location: Madison, Wisconsin (hybrid)
Student: Steve Manthey

The Center for Educational Opportunity (CeO) has been using email and Teams communications for processing service requests, including event coordination, supplies requisitions, and travel planning. An IT solution was proposed to develop a Service Request System that provides a centralized location for submitting and managing service requests to significantly reduce common human errors such as miscommunications, misreporting, and oversights.

The Capstone project itself involves developing the initial and most vital system component—the Procurement Request System (PRS). CeO staff are not authorized to purchase anything directly, so they must submit procurement requests to the Office Manager (OM). The OM must then procure the items on behalf of the staff while providing supporting documentation and justifications to the financial team. The PRS is the focus of the Capstone project since it can easily be extended to include the travel and event coordination components to complete the Service Request System.

Each procurement request is comprised of three parts:

  1. A list of items that someone needs for their office, meeting, or event.
  2. Requestor information and the reason for the request.
  3. Documentation proving compliance.

The PRS is comprised of two main components:

  1. A table that organizes and displays all procurement requests.
  2. A form to either submit new or modify existing procurement requests.

In conclusion, the objective of this Capstone project is to develop the Procurement Request System that allows for CeO staff to submit procurement requests, CeO managers to manage and fulfill procurement requests, and all users to view the status of all incomplete procurement requests.