Capstone Projects

Social Media Content Analysis on the Corporate Training Market

Program: Data Science Master's
Host Company: Training Industry, Inc.
Location: Raleigh, North Carolina (onsite)
Student: Danielle Draewell

This project was conducted for a client that connects learning leaders to corporate training suppliers. The purpose of this project was to use Twitter data to support current insight and research for the client, and to discover new or emerging trends in the market the client could focus their attention. The three main subject areas that were analyzed were leadership training/development, sales training, and COVID-19 remote workforce. With each of these areas, Tweets were pulled containing either hashtags or keywords. The Tweets were analyzed for word frequency counts, bigrams, and sentiment analysis. For leadership training/development, further analysis was examined to map user location data as well as provide a data visual for the word frequency count. The results supported current research and findings of the client, but also provided interesting insight on where to focus more attention, especially with COVID-19 areas.