Capstone Projects

The Learning of a Data Analysis

Program: Applied Computing Bachelor's
Host Company: Derrick Edwards
Location: Not Specified (remote)
Student: Gage Bishop Hockerman

My capstone project was learning about the Data Analysis pipeline. Then, having the opportunity to showcase what I learned from Derrick with a problem using real data. The first problem for my capstone was ‘Does a team that picks the champion Aatrox have a higher winning chance in the game League of Legends’. After making the program that would take the data and graph it, the data showed that it is a simplistic problem. Which leads to my second problem ‘In professional LOL play, what is the correlation between years of experience and gold per minute?’ These two problems helped me understand the workflow of a Data Analyst and how their pipelines work. The opportunity to learn more about data analysis that I had this semester allowed me to solidify my desire to pursue a career as a Data Analyst.