Capstone Projects

The Original Purpose-Driven Company: Aluminum Wrapper Waste and Educational Marketing at The Hershey Chocolate Company

Program: Sustainable Management Master's
Location: Not Specified (onsite)
Student: Kyle White

There has been considerable production of Hershey Kisses since 1907, which is significant due to the amount of aluminum foil used as a wrapper. Aluminum is a recyclable material that is abundant on earth, which is used in a variety of products in various industries. The need and value in recycling aluminum is clear and present at this point in time; it existed before the pandemic and it will be present after the pandemic. The Hershey Chocolate Company could help solve future issues with the development of a recycling marketing program tied to Hershey Kisses, Reese’s Miniatures, and Rolo’s wrappers due to their consistent use of aluminum foil. While these wrappers are small in mass, they can have a significant impact due to the overall production scale of these items. There is a social, economic, and environmental responsibility associated with finding a way to increase recycling awareness of the aluminum wrappers used by the Hershey Company. This responsibility falls directly on the Hershey Company and should be easily accepted due to their considerable efforts to address social, economic, and environmental issues for its stakeholders. As the Hershey Chocolate Company advances its sustainability goals it must consider addressing life cycle practices relating; to its iconic Hershey Kiss wrapper, through the development of modern marketing rooted in driving change in consumer practices.

“I have really enjoyed the pacing and communication throughout the capstone experience. Having a system of research that organizes quotes and resources is fundamental in the completion of writing in a timely manner. I would encourage students to be open and honest with both themselves and their professors while working through their research and writing.”