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Capstone Projects

Vaccination Impact on Hospitalized Patients’ Length of Stay

Program: Data Science Master's
Host Company: Cerner Real World Data
Location: Missouri (onsite)
Student: Roberta Carroll

Hospitals want to know the impact COVID-19 vaccination status has on the length of stay and recovery time of hospitalized COVID-19 patients.

Furthermore, they want to understand how vaccines impact the following areas:

1. Length of stay comparison between vaccinated and non-vaccinated patients

2. Percentage of hospital deaths between vaccinated and non-vaccinated patients

3. Number of beds that will be available between vaccinated and non-vaccinated patients

4. Effectiveness of each vaccine type in reducing the length of stay and deaths The study aims to report how vaccines impact the hospitalized patients’ length of stay and develop a revised hospital length of stay machine learning model based on the impacts.

In addition, the morbidity and mortality of patients are affected by how critical they become from the virus. Therefore, this study will include whether a patient dies in the hospital or transfers to a hospice care facility. As a result of this study, the hospitals can better predict patients’ hospital duration, and they can better plan for when beds are available and when additional resources are needed. Unfortunately, as of today, adequate medical resources cannot plan elective surgery and non-critical hospitalizations.