HWM 790 Health and Wellness Management Capstone

The HWM 790 Health and Wellness Management Capstone Course is an opportunity to lead a project in a real-world setting, and gain valuable experience, by applying what you’ve learned in the Master of Science in Health and Wellness Management curriculum.

It is not an internship; rather, students serve in a consultant role with a partner organization by identifying a need and crafting a proposal for implementation based on research and best practices. Students will build relationships with stakeholders at the partner site to address their question successfully. Plan on spending approximately 100 hours (7 hours per week) over the semester.

  • Secure a site partner.
  • Collaborate with a site supervisor.
  • Identify needs of site partner and define the problem.
  • Craft a driving question.
  • Explore research on best practice and identify assessment tool(s).
  • Write proposal including literature review on best practices.
  • Spend time at partner site, collaborating with site supervisor.
  • Assess driving question with established tool(s).
  • Analyze assessment data and identify emerging themes.
  • Provide recommended initiatives and next steps (supported by research on best practices) to capstone partner.
  • Give oral presentation to capstone partner (supervisor and stakeholders).
  • Submit video recording, PowerPoint, script and executive summary/abstract.

Download a PDF with these capstone tips.

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