Time Management Calculator

Best Practices for Success: How to Maximize Your Time

How much time should you be studying per week? Research suggests that students should spend approximately 2-3 hours, per credit hour, studying in order to be successful in their courses. To see how that equation fits into your current lifestyle, please complete the following activity. Below is an interactive tool that will illustrate to you how you currently allocate your responsibilities in a typical week. Using this chart you can quickly identify areas of opportunity to maximize your potential for success.

Instructions: Fill in the approximate time you spend each week doing the activities listed below. As you indicate how much time you spend for each activity, the chart will automatically deduct that time from your weekly allotment to indicate how much unused time you have left in the week. Once you have indicated your typical week, take some time to reflect on which areas you can adjust to achieve better life balance.

Please note: Study time will auto-populate based on the formula of three hours of study time per credit taken. Additional time per credit may be needed due to the unique nature of your program.

Hours Remaining
  • Study Time: 0 hours / 0%
  • Work: 0 hours / 0%
  • Sleep: 0 hours / 0%
  • Eat: 0 hours / 0%
  • Exercise: 0 hours / 0%
  • Commute: 0 hours / 0%
  • Relationships: 0 hours / 0%
  • Fun: 0 hours / 0%
  • Household Responsibilities: 0 hours / 0%
  • Other: 0 hours / 0%
  • Hours Remaining: 168 hours / 100%

Adjust the values you have entered. All values must be numeric. The total number of hours assigned to activities cannot exceed the number of hours in a week, which is 168 hours.