Health and Wellness Management Careers: UW Graduates in the Workplace

UW Online Collaboratives February 15, 2022
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Editor’s note: The following blog post features UW Health and Wellness Management bachelor’s graduates. We are no longer admitting new students to the bachelor’s program. For more information about the UW Master’s in Health and Wellness Management program, click here.

There is a variety of health and wellness management careers for UW Health and Wellness Management  bachelor’s and master’s graduates. Many have found employment across industries sectors, such as employee wellness specialist, health coach, wellness coordinator, and more. Graduates say earning their degree helped them achieve their goal of working as a wellness professional for companies that value health and well-being.

Bachelor’s Health and Wellness Management Careers

Headshot of Jessica Lehman smiling.Jessica Lehman, BS 2018 graduate, UW-Stevens Point

Wellness Coordinator at Neenah Joint School District

Neenah Joint School District is located in Neenah, Wisconsin. Serving over 6,700 students, the District is committed to a focus on educational excellence for its students, professional staff, and entire community.

How her degree improved her career: “The UW Health and Wellness Management degree didn’t just improve my career—it made my career. I was brand new to the wellness field when I found the online program. Within the first semester, I knew this was the direction for me. The various classes showed me which areas of wellness light me up and which areas I wanted to pursue further. I went on to become certified as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach because of the experience I had in the Health Coaching for Wellness Managers course. Through the Worksite Health Environment course, I learned to make the healthy choice the easy choice for our employees by creating environments that encourage and empower them to focus on their health and well-being in order to perform at a level of excellence. The Employee Benefits for Wellness Managers course helped me understand the language and join the conversation when I integrated wellness into our human resources department. I believe that the amount of diversity in this program gave me a well-rounded education and an understanding of the various areas that wellness can touch. I am able to cross boundaries and collaborate with other departments and leaders because I have the knowledge to share how our goals align for the employees and the district.”

What she loves about her job: “I love being a voice for employees; being an advocate for their mental, emotional, physical, social, financial, and spiritual well-being by implementing programs that help them feel heard, seen, and valued. In our District, we give energy to our incredible students. We want to be sure they have the tools and resources they need to live a healthy life with confidence in the pursuit of excellence. My job is to do the same for the employees, and it is truly my pleasure to give back to our staff who are changing lives every single day. I love watching them make healthy changes and make their own well-being a priority. Being their cheerleader is the best part of any day.”

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Pamela Mueri, 2020 BS graduate, UW-River FallsHeadshot of Pamela Mueri smiling.

Ergonomics and Wellness Partner at Compassion International

Compassion International is an American child sponsorship and Christian humanitarian aid organization that aims to positively impact long-term development of children living in poverty.

How her degree improved her career: “I acquired the skills needed to design and manage quality wellness programs for organizations of all sizes. I feel confident that I now have the knowledge and skills to help others be well and live a healthy lifestyle.”

What she loves about her job: “I love helping others find their reason behind choosing to be healthy and incorporate wellness into their day-to-day lives. I find purpose in working to create programs that impact health and the environment to be more aligned with wellness.”

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mercy medical centerEmma Skelton, 2015 BS graduate, UW-Superior

Wellness Center Manager at Mercy Hospital Wellness Center

The Mercy Hospital Wellness Center is a full-service health and fitness facility inside Mercy Medical Center in Des Moines, Iowa.

How her degree improved her career: “There wasn’t a single part of the UW Health and Wellness Management program I didn’t like. Having the capstone experience in my pocket made me feel more confident. It set me apart from the crowd when applying for jobs.”

health and wellness management graduate careers_jessica WJessica Waytashek, 2015 BS graduate, UW-Superior

Health Coach at Omada Health

Omada Health is a digital therapeutics company, based in San Francisco, California, that provides dedicated, full-time health coaches to corporate partners.

How her degree improved her career: “I was able to find a job before I graduated, because health and wellness is a huge priority for employers.”

What she loves about her job: “I find my career very fulfilling. I get to watch people change their lives, hear their success stories, and help them overcome challenges that others haven’t supported them with. Also, I am very fortunate to be able to work from home and be fully engaged in my children’s lives.”

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health and wellness management grad careers_Kris GKris Greener, 2016 BS graduate, UW-River Falls

Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach at Anew Wellness, LLC

In 2017, Kris founded Anew Wellness in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. The company partners with organizations to offer workplace wellness programs, health coaching, and health education courses.

How her degree improved her career: “I felt that I was at a standstill in my career and wanted to grow. I needed a degree program that would expand my knowledge, allow me to pursue a different career, and complement my past experience as a physical therapist assistant.”

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health and wellness management graduate career_Shawn MShawn Monson, BS 2016 graduate, UW-Stevens Point

Wellness Education Specialist at UW Health

UW Health is an academic medical center and health system located in Madison, Wisconsin.

How his degree improved his career: “The Health and Wellness Management degree, courses, and capstone all helped my career move forward. One of the courses required me to interview a professional working in the wellness industry. I contacted UW Health to see if I could meet with their wellness manager. After the interview, I was offered an internship with the Wellness Options at Work department, which became my capstone course. It was extremely beneficial to my understanding of pitching the creation of a wellness department or a workplace wellness program. My degree has put me in a position to do what I love and help people live happier and healthier lives, while being well-compensated for it.”

What he loves about his job: “I really love all aspects of my current job. If forced to choose, I would say my favorite aspect is when I see people that have attended my presentations or participated in my programs, and they’re genuinely happy to see me. They often go out of their way to say hi and ask what’s new with wellness.”

health and wellness management grad careers_Sarah KSarah Kaehny, 2017 BS graduate, UW-La Crosse

Health Education Instructor at Aurora Health Care

Aurora Health Care is a healthcare system headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

How her degree improved her career: Recently, Sarah landed her dream job: a health education instructor at Aurora Health Care. At her last job, Sarah’s bachelor’s degree helped her get promoted from health coach to wellness program manager, saying, “I was always able to apply my course projects the very next day at work! Eventually, I proposed a new job description, playing more of a liaison role. Now, I’m a wellness program manager. I evaluate programs, tweak existing programs to make them more effective, and create new ones. I still do health coaching, but in addition, I have a lot of autonomy to develop strategy and design my own materials, incentives, and lesson plans.”

health and wellness management grad careers_Danielle LDanielle LePage, 2017 BS graduate, UW-Superior

Customer Engagement Specialist at HealthPartners

HealthPartners, located in Bloomington, Minnesota, partners with companies to provide employee health and wellness programs.

How her degree improved her career: “I was contacted by a hiring agency which was looking for people to work in the health promotion department. My degree was a plus since I am interested in health promotion, and I work closely with health coaches, which is something I am looking into for my next step in my career. There are so many job opportunities here at HealthPartners.”

What she loves about her job: “I like this job because it is the perfect stepping stone to get to the next step in my career path. I have met a lot of new contacts to network with, and they can help me get where I want to be.”

health and wellness grad careers_Kyle NKyle Narges, 2017 BS graduate, UW-River Falls

Program Assistant at BRIDGE for Community Life

BRIDGE is a non-profit organization, located in Hudson, Wisconsin, that provides community-based life skills training, employment services, and social and recreational programs for youth and adults with disabilities.

How his degree improved his career: Kyle completed his capstone project at BRIDGE and, afterwards, received a job offer as program assistant. In the Health and Wellness Management program, he also gained important skills in wellness programming. “I got the chance to learn a lot of skills that are going to help me in the future. I learned what makes a great wellness program and also learned how to start one from the ground up. Going into this program, I felt like I had a good understanding of what a wellness program was and how I could work in my own ideas. What I didn’t know is everything that happens behind the scenes.”

What he loves about his job: “I love that I get a chance to make an impact on people’s lives every day. I am doing something I am passionate about and, most importantly, something I enjoy doing.”

health and wellness management graduate careers_Terrae WTerrae Weatherman, BS 2018 graduate, UW-La Crosse

Senior Marketing Specialist at United Healthcare

United Healthcare is a healthcare company based in Minnetonka, Minnesota.

How her degree improved her career: Terrae says being a student in the UW Health and Wellness Management bachelor’s program has improved her marketing career in so many ways she didn’t expect. That includes helping her better understand what messages motivate healthy behavior and giving her the skills she needs to transition to a management role.

What she loves about her job: Terrae enjoys working in the healthcare industry because she can help others lead healthy lives. “There’s space in everyone’s life for wellness, no matter your lifestyle or limitations. You just have to find the right wellness ‘fit’ for you. I want to help people do that.”

health and wellness management graduate careers_jill tiffanyJill Tiffany, BS 2018 graduate, UW-River Falls

Health and Wellness Consultant and Coach at Private Health & Wellness Consulting Business

Jill offers services as a consultant for athletic teams and corporations that wish to implement wellness plans through her private practice in Baldwin, Wisconsin.

How her degree improved her career: “The Health and Wellness Management program has been a wonderful asset. Though I’ve been in health education for over 25 years, I have gained new tools that have strengthened my skills and private practice.”

What she loves about her job: “One of the things I love most about what I do is the opportunities I have to speak to large groups of people and make a difference in their health and well-being. From the corporate side of my job, I have the privilege to not only be part of employees’ improved health but also see their business flourish as a result.”

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Master’s Health and Wellness Management Careers

Alex Schieber, MS 2019, UW-Green Bay

Corporate Manager of Benefits at Brakebush Brothers, Inc.

Brakebush Brothers, Inc. is a value-added processor of chicken products headquartered in Westfield, Wisconsin.

How her degree improved her career: “I have always had a passion to help people, which is why I became a nurse. However, after three years of working in a hospital, I found that my passion was not only to help people, but that I also wanted to help them remain healthy before their illnesses brought them into the hospital. With my UW HWM master’s degree, I am now able to help our employees get the healthcare and resources they need.”

What she loves about her job: “The healthcare industry in the United States is nearly impossible to navigate, and it is the source of great anxiety for most people. As a benefits manager, I love that I can be a resource to our employees who may not have anyone to help them navigate the healthcare system. I can be the person who can help them through some of the hardest times in their lives. I enjoy helping people find high-quality providers who really care for patients and charge reasonable rates for those services.”

Kirstie Skul, MS 2019, UW-ParksideHeadshot of Kristie Skul wearing her graduate cap and gown.

Wellness Account Manager at HealthCheck360

HealthCheck360 is a corporate wellness and health management company focused on reducing medical costs, workers compensation claims, and absenteeism while increasing employee engagement and productivity.

How her degree improved her career: “The program opened my eyes to the vast opportunities in the wellness field. You meet so many unique individuals working in different areas of wellness, and the collaboration is unmatched.”

What she loves about her job: “I love being a consultant for my clients’ wellness programs. I’m able to provide strategic planning based off of yearly reporting. I also love my brilliant coworkers!”

Erin Wentworth, MS 2018, UW-Green Bay

Member and Program Coordinator at Wellness Council of Wisconsin

Wellness Council of Wisconsin (WCWI) is a nonprofit dedicated exclusively to helping employers design results-oriented wellness programs to maximize the health and productivity of employees.

How her degree improved her career: “As a former teacher coming into the field of health and wellness, earning this degree helped me tremendously to gain the information and higher level concepts I needed to work in the industry. This degree has opened doors for me to network by providing me with a volunteer opportunity that led to my current position at WCWI. The courses I completed for my UW HWM degree gave me insight into understanding the different career options I could explore along with looking at wellness and well-being through a very different perspective than I originally had.”

What she loves about her job: “I have the opportunity to provide premier resources on employee well-being for our member community across the state of Wisconsin. I enjoy being able to connect our members to these resources, best practices, and industry trends. As part of my role, I have the opportunity to be a lifelong learner by staying up-to-date on all things worksite wellness-related, and I am part of a team that truly believes in supporting the whole employee.”

Chelsea Hurst, MS 2019 graduate, UW-Superior

Program Manager at Essentia Health and Wellness Coach at Healics Inc.

Essentia Health is an integrated health system serving patients in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and North Dakota. Healics Inc. is a cutting-edge industry leader in preventive health and wellness programs.

How her degree improved her career: “The UW HWM program improved my career by enhancing my time management skills and helped me keep updated on evidence-based practices within the field. I enjoyed learning the many facets our learnings can be applied within, and I met wonderful connections and friends.”

What she loves about her job: “I like the variety of tasks within my two positions. Whether or not I directly communicate with patients, I feel like I am still making a direct impact for the patients and communities I serve. I appreciate the knowledgeable and strong leaders I have within both of my positions. I also really enjoy learning new ways to improve processes and utilizing technology to enhance population health efforts.”

Danielle Waldhart, MS 2018 graduate, UW-Green Bay

Employee Wellness Specialist at Dean Health Plan

Dean Health Plan, based in Madison, Wisconsin, is the insurance arm of one of the largest healthcare systems in the country.

How her degree improved her career: “Many of the degrees I researched were niche, with a narrow focus in population or community health. Working with employees, one needs a wide range of skills. In one week, I can meet with sales, marketing, human resources, IT, and the medical or clinical staff. So, I must be able to communicate effectively. Having a strong foundation in project management, research, policy, and management, helps my communication with the teams and makes the programs I develop more effective.”

What she loves about her job: Danielle is passionate about her role at Dean. One day she’s writing a promotion for the national American Heart Association Wear Red Day. The next, she’s creating a program leading into Earth Day, to raise awareness of proper medication disposal. “I feel I’m blessed. I like what I do.”

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Headshot of Laura Kuglitsch in her cap and gown, holding her diploma at graduation.Laura Kuglitsch, MS 2018 graduate, UW-Parkside

Wellness Coach at Treo Wellness

Treo Wellness provides proactive wellness services to organizations who choose to empower their employees in making positive lifestyle choices.

How her degree improved her career: “The UW Health and Wellness Management master’s degree has given me the knowledge of how to effectively create a brand new wellness program for a company and the confidence to carry it through. This degree has given me the ability to reference what is needed to do in tough times, and it has provided me with many valuable connections and friendships in the field.”

What she loves about her job: “I love that I get to spread my excitement about health and wellness to others. I get to improve people’s lives every day through a variety of wellness offerings, such as mindfulness activities, fitness challenges, coaching, programming, and so much more. Becoming a wellness professional was the best decision I made. I always loved to help people and care for them, and this career path has provided me a sense of purpose and helped me to recognize my own values of who I am and where I want to be.”

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health and wellness management grad careers_Jennifer DJennifer DiBiasi, MS 2019 graduate, UW-Parkside

Account Executive at Healics, Inc.

Healics, nurse-owned and operated in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, offers professional health coaching, biometric screenings, and face-to-face, customized services to companies and their employees.

How her degree improved her career: “What I have learned so far in the Health and Wellness Management graduate program has allowed me to regain confidence and apply for jobs I may not have previously felt qualified for. In my current role, I assist with the implementation and management of my clients’ health assessment and biometric screening processes. Using the class learning resources and text, I am able to understand a more comprehensive view of how decisions in wellness are made and bring new, fresh ideas to the table.”

What she loves about her job: “I enjoy the diversity and autonomy of my current client-facing role. Many of the individuals I advise have heavy human resource backgrounds, and I enjoy bringing a wellness perspective to the conversation. There is often a heavy focus on how to save money versus how to save employees and their health. Using what I have learned in the Health and Wellness Management program regarding trends and programming combined with my past employee-facing roles, I provide insight as to how to foster a more supportive atmosphere for successful wellness programming and a healthier workforce.”

Jared Berul, MS 2020 graduate, UW-Stevens PointProfessional headshot of Jared Berul

Wellness Specialist at City of Virginia Beach/Virginia Beach City Public Schools

Virginia Beach is a coastal city in southeastern Virginia where the Chesapeake Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean. Population as of 2019 was 450,201.

How his degree improved his career: “Sports have always been a huge part of my life, so I was naturally led to an exercise science degree and a variety of different positions in the fitness world, ranging from high school and collegiate sports performance intern, to Head Coach at Orangetheory Fitness. But, I would often see my clients struggling in other areas of their lives. The UW Health and Wellness Management curriculum shed light on how to incorporate my passion for physical activity into a more holistic approach to well-being. My prior experience combined with the curriculum helped build the foundation and knowledge necessary for a successful career in the employee wellness world.”

What he loves about his job: “Working for a school system that values growth is an excellent environment to learn in as a young professional. Having the opportunity to serve both the active and retired employees of the city and schools of Virginia Beach has taught me that a one-size-fits-all approach is not a best practice. This assortment of needs and job expectations requires high-level thinking and creative problem solving in order to help our employees get the most out of their benefits.”

Headshot photo of Theresa Crawford smiling.Theresa Crawford, MS 2021 graduate, UW-Green Bay

Service Coordinator at PA Health & Wellness

PA Health & Wellness is a health insurance agency based in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. Its mission is to improve the health of its beneficiaries through focused, compassionate, and coordinated care.

How her degree improved her career: “This degree has allowed me to develop a new look at the healthcare industry and my perspective toward healthcare for our vulnerable population (the elderly residing in nursing facilities). It has allowed me to fully understand the importance of quality care and personal interactions.”

What she loves about her job: “I love being able to go into the nursing homes and meet with the residents, to hear their stories, and to help ensure that they are getting the best care possible.”

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