Meet the Advisory Board of the UW Master’s in Cybersecurity

UW Extended Campus Blog Team December 15, 2021

The 100% online University of Wisconsin Master of Science in Cybersecurity is supported by an advisory board of cybersecurity leaders and industry professionals. Board members serve as advisors, ambassadors, and referral agents to the UW Cybersecurity master’s degree program.

The advisory board meets bi-annually and members provide constructive feedback regarding changes in the cybersecurity industry and how those changes affect program graduates. These meetings ensure the Cybersecurity curriculum stays relevant to evolving trends and demands.

UW Cybersecurity Advisory Board Members


Greg Evans | Jack Link’s Protein Snacks

Greg Evans is the Senior Director of Information Security, Infrastructure and Operations at Jack Link’s Protein Snacks. With more than 25 years of experience delivering security and compliance to organizations, Greg has expertise in a diverse range of technologies within the aviation, travel, leisure, retail, media, and manufacturing industries.

Greg possesses a strong business acumen and ability to build relationships and partnerships to ensure that security solutions align with and enable overall business strategy.

I’m looking forward to sharing my perspective and experience with future practitioners and leaders in the cybersecurity field and to help form a curriculum that delivers insight into how to create strategy and tactics that delivers real security and real value to the organizations they serve.”



Richard J. Flahaven | Harley-Davidson Motor Company

Richard J. Flahaven is the Chief Information Security Officer and Data Privacy Officer at Harley-Davidson Motor Company. He is responsible for establishing and maintaining Harley-Davidson’s enterprise security vision, strategy, and program, while protecting its information assets.

Prior to his current role, Richard held the positions of CISO and Chief Privacy Officer at Whirlpool Corporation where he established and managed global information security and data privacy programs across all product lines.

“As the University of Wisconsin prepares its cybersecurity graduate students for a master’s degree in this exciting and dynamic field, I am honored and humbled to have the opportunity to participate on the UW Cybersecurity Advisory Board to advise on curricula based on trends and industry needs, and advocate for this important world-class program.” 



Sarah C. Frater | Wisconsin National Guard

Lt. Col. Sarah C. Frater is the Director of Cybersecurity Operations in the Wisconsin National Guard. During her military experience and interviewing process, she has seen many successful career transitions into cybersecurity from other fields. She is interested in being part of the UW Cybersecurity Advisory Board because there is a growing need for cyber professionals in the State of Wisconsin.

“Through National Guard and State Cyber Response Team (CRT) incident response, I’ve seen an increase in the number of cybersecurity attacks in organizations in all sectors of critical infrastructure… The UW Cybersecurity program’s emphasis on continuing education for adults, aligns with my own career path and my goal to ensure growth in the cybersecurity field.”



Mandy Huth | Kohler

Mandy Huth is the VP of Cybersecurity at Kohler, where she runs the company’s global security strategy. Previously, Mandy was the Director of Information Security at Smarsh, a leading provider of archiving and compliance solutions, where she led security strategy and execution, including product security and securing corporate DevOps.

Mandy holds multiple certifications, including Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Certified Information Privacy Technologist (CIPT), and the GIAC Security Leadership Certification (GSLC).




Kurt Roemer | Citrix

Kurt Roemer is the Chief Security Strategist at Citrix, where he leads security, compliance, risk, and privacy strategies for Citrix products. He drives ideation, innovation, and technical direction for products and solutions that advance business productivity while ensuring information governance.

With more than 30 years of information services experience, Kurt’s credentials include the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) designation. Previously, he served as Commissioner for the U.S. public sector CLOUD2 initiative and led efforts to develop the PCI Security Standards Council’s Virtualization Guidance Information Supplement while serving on its Board of Advisors.



Linda Seubert | Gundersen Health System

Linda Seubert is the Chief Information Security and Privacy Officer for Gundersen Health System located in La Crosse, Wisconsin. With more than 35 years of experience in information technology and information security, she leads a team of professionals who support Gundersen Health’s strategic initiatives by collaborating with clinical and business leaders.

Linda’s responsibilities include managing cybersecurity risks, implementing policies and controls, and generating overall awareness and fostering a culture of security and privacy.

“I’m looking forward to networking and forming professional connections, as well as helping to foster an increased interest to incoming students considering an education in cybersecurity— providing a healthcare spin on what a role in information security would be.”



Mark Ward | Johnson Financial Group

Mark Ward is the Senior Vice President and Chief Security Officer for Johnson Financial Group, where he manages and matures the execution and strategy of a cybersecurity program responsible for cybersecurity risk, operations, architecture governance, and resiliency.

Mark has more than 23 years of information security and information technology experience and has previously served roles in information security leadership, management, architecture, engineering, risk, operations, and support.

“As a UW-Parkside alum, the university provided the solid foundation from which I launched my career in information security. As a CISO with more than 22 years of cybersecurity and IT experience, I’m looking forward to contributing back to a program that has played such an important role in my success.”

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