Meet the Faculty of the UW Bachelor’s in Sustainable Management

UW Extended Campus February 16, 2023

All courses in the Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Management, Certificate in Environmental Sustainability, and Certificate in Sustainable Enterprise, are developed and taught by University of Wisconsin faculty from one of the UW System partner campuses or are sustainability industry experts serving as adjunct faculty. UW Sustainable Management faculty have expertise in a wide range of fields, including: business, sustainability, engineering, water resource management, sustainable agriculture, economics, environmental science, law and ethics, psychology, natural resource management, and sociology. The Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Management is a partnership of UW Extended Campus and UW-Parkside, UW-River Falls, and UW-Superior.

Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Management

Mei Cao | UW-Superior

Dr. Mei Cao is assistant professor of business and economics at UW-Superior.

Dr. Cao teaches courses in supply chain management, advanced supply chain management, land transportation, air transportation, business statistics, and quantitative models for productions and operations management. She is the author of book chapters and publications in various academic journals and conference proceedings.

She earned her BA in English from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (China), her MBA in information systems, and her PhD in manufacturing management and engineering from the University of Toledo.

Suresh Chalasani | UW-Parkside

Suresh Chalasani is Professor of Management Information Systems in the Business Department at UW-Parkside.

He is a senior member of IEEE and a member of the Association for Information Systems (AIS). He has received numerous research and teaching grants from the National Science Foundation and the University of Wisconsin System. His research interests include healthcare management and healthcare technologies. He has published numerous research articles in journals such as IEEE Transactions on Computers, IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, IEEE Transactions on Communications, and Information Systems Frontiers. He has also presented papers at a number of IEEE- and AIS-sponsored academic conferences. He is on the editorial board of the International Journal of Biomedical Engineering and Technology, where he co-edited a special issue on “Nanotechnology for Medical and Surgical Applications.” Additionally, Chalasani serves on the international program committees for several conferences.

Chalasani earned his PhD in Computer Engineering from the University of Southern California. Prior to joining UW-Parkside, he was an Assistant Professor at UW-Madison.

Rita Kozak | UW-River Falls

Dr. Rita M. Kozak is an adjunct professor at UW-River Falls.

Dr. Kozak was a member of the UW-River Falls faculty for seven years prior to her work as a land use planning consultant in a self-owned firm. Dr. Kozak teaches the Systems Thinking and the Sustainable Management Capstone courses.

She earned her BA in geography from Elmhurst College, her MA in geography from the University of Chicago, and her PhD in land use planning, management and design from Texas Tech University.

Sakib Mahmud | UW-Superior

Dr. Mahmud serves as Academic Director for the BS in Sustainable Management at UW-Superior.

Dr. Sakib Mahmud is associate professor in sustainable management and economics at UW-Superior.

Dr. Mahmud’s research focuses on applied microeconomics with applications on issues related to climate change adaptation, environmental and resource economics, behavioral economics and policy. He was the 2014-2015 Wisconsin Teaching Fellow under the University of Wisconsin System. He is also serving as one of the Steering Committee Members for the National Bank of Commerce-sponsored Regional Economic Indicators Forum (REIF) project. The project involves mentoring of undergraduate student researchers to perform long-term study of economic and business indicators covering 15 counties in Northeast Minnesota and Northwest Wisconsin. Dr. Mahmud teaches Economics of Sustainability, International Development and Sustainability, and Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability courses.

Dr. Mahmud earned his doctoral degree in economics from the University of Wyoming, and his MA in economics from the University of British Columbia (UBC) of Canada.

Mark McCoon | UW-Superior

Dr. Mark A. McCoon is an assistant professor of accounting at UW-Superior.

Mark has had a long career as a CPA/business consultant and is also a CMA. He teaches a wide variety of accounting courses including cost accounting, managerial accounting, and auditing. He also teaches taxation courses and the accounting capstone course. Beginning in January 2013 Mark will teach Triple Bottom Line Accounting in the Sustainable Management Program.

Mark earned his PhD from the University of Southern Mississippi, his MA from Auburn University and his MA from the University of Detroit, and his BBA from the University of Michigan at Flint.

Eric Sanden | UW-River Falls

Dr. Eric Sanden is Professor of Natural Resources Management and Community Planning at UW-River Falls.

He has taught courses at Colorado State and Texas Tech and was a range conservationist for the USDA-Soil Conservation Service. Dr. Sanden teaches courses in natural resources management and environmental policies; introductory, comprehensive and advanced community planning; geographic information systems; remote sensing; and environmental education.

He earned his BS in range ecology from Colorado State University and his MS and PhD in Range Science from Texas Tech University.

David Sprague | UW-River Falls

Dr. David Sprague is an adjunct professor at UW-River Falls.Dr. Sprague teaches courses in sustainable finance, operations management, professional sales and cooperatives. He holds concurrent business positions with SMS Research; The Sprague Group; MindStreams and serves as an executive coach with a prominent Minneapolis medical technology company.He earned his BS and MS in education from Indiana University, and his EdD (ABD) from the University of Minnesota.

Laine Vignona | UW-River Falls

Dr. Laine Vignona, Professor Emerita of Environmental Science and Management, was a member of the UW-River Falls faculty for 12 years.

She has also taught courses at New York University and Berkeley College (N.Y.). Dr. Vignona teaches courses in environmental policy.

She earned her BS in Geology from Brooklyn College, City University of New York, and her MS and PhD in Environmental Science and Engineering from Rice University.

Richard Walasek | UW-Parkside

Dr. Richard Walasek joined UW-Parkside in 1979.

Dr. Walasek teaches courses in economic, environmental, and human geography. He believes that geographers are spatial people and that the Earth must be protected.

He earned his BS in Landscape Architecture (Natural Resources) from UW-Madison and his MS and PhD in Geography from the University of Illinois-Urbana.

Michael Waxman | UW-Superior

Dr. Michael A. Waxman is a professor of chemistry at UW-Superior.

He has also taught courses at the University of Detroit, Texas A&M University, Tel-Aviv University, and Novosibirsk University. Dr. Waxman teaches courses in general and physical chemistry.

He earned his MS in physics from the Novosibirsk Electric Engineering Institute (Novosibirsk, Russia), his PhD in chemistry from Tel Aviv University, and completed postdoctoral training in physical chemistry at Texas A&M University.

Joy Wolf | UW-Parkside

Dr. Joy Wolf is professor of biogeography at UW-Parkside.

Visit her webpage to learn about her research in a variety of plant communities including old-growth mixed-conifer forests in the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona; grasslands in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado; riparian corridors in central Arizona and Wisconsin; and oak savanna, maple-beech forests, and ephemeral ponds in Wisconsin.

Wolf earned her BS in Applied Sociology, her MA in Geography from Northern Arizona University, and her PhD in Biogeography from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

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