UW Applied Biotechnology Course Wins ADEIL Distinguished Course Award

Kaitlynn Martin December 8, 2020
Graphic for the 2020 ADEIL Distinguished Course Award

ABT 705: Ethics, Safety, and Regulatory Environments—a course within the 100 percent online University of Wisconsin Applied Biotechnology program—won a 2020 Distinguished Course award from the Association for Distance Education and Independent Learning (ADEIL): “for excellence in alignment of learning outcomes and use of online learning tools to build community.” The course was also featured in the Course Showcase during the 28th Annual ADEIL Conference.

ADEIL is a professional association for those involved in distance education. Each year at the annual conference, exceptional courses, research, and support services receive highly anticipated awards.

ABT 705: Ethics, Safety, and Regulatory Environments in Biotechnology was developed by UW-Green Bay lecturer Kiel Nikolakakis, UW Extended Campus media specialist Bryan Bortz, and UW Extended Campus instructional designer Eric Peloza

The course focuses on ethical and safety concerns that may arise in the development, production, funding, and application of biotechnology. It also analyzes socioeconomic impacts, emphasizes the importance of data integrity, and provides an overview of risk assessment and management in a regulatory environment. Students engage in several different activities in this course, including peer reviews, a group project, discussions, and a class Wiki page.

“I think this course really helped the three of us come together, and it shows what you can do as a team to produce something that is greater than an individual can produce on their own,” said Peloza.

The team worked together to ensure the presence of a strong online community among the instructor and students. The course also offers several student support resources, ranging from easy-to-follow technology instructions to a course calendar with lessons and assignments.

Instructor Kiel Nikolakakis teaching one of the ABT 705 lessons

UW Extended Campus instructional designers and media specialists work with all of the UW Applied Biotechnology instructors to develop online courses that are informative and engaging.

The award shows the quality of courses that are within the Applied Biotechnology program. It’s great to be formally recognized,” added Peloza.

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