DS 785: Capstone

This course describes the premise of the capstone—what it entails, its purpose, and an outline of work required to fulfill the capstone project requirements.

Students are provided with an overview of the capstone course objectives—how to prepare and organize for a semester-long project, the methods used to develop a project, descriptions of project options, and the supporting work that culminates in a final project.

This course provides the information and steps needed to select a topic and a format and then prepare the project proposal that is required in the second week of enrollment.

There are formal assignments within the capstone to keep you and the instructor aware of your progress. Students can contact the instructor if clarification is needed, questions arise, or there is an interest in project topic discussion and refinement.

Prerequisites: DS 715, DS 730, DS 735, DS 745, DS 775

Sample Capstone Projects

DS 785 Syllabus

Semesters Offered: Fall 2024, Spring 2025, Summer 2024, Summer 2025

Credits: 3

Degree Level: Master's