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Data Science Jobs

UW Extended Campus May 18, 2015
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If you are looking for an exciting career with great pay and job security, a data science job is an excellent choice. Talented data scientists are so scarce that some executives have taken to calling them “unicorns.” Indeed, the hard-to-find combination of skills these individuals possess—in computer science, math and statistics, business strategy, and communications—puts them in an enviable position as highly sought-after and well-paid professionals with a great deal of job security.

Below are links to several employment sites where you can find data science jobs. Additional job titles to search for include “data analyst”, “data architect”, “data mining engineer”, “machine learning engineer”, “Hadoop engineer”, “predictive modeler”, “business intelligence manager”, “data visualization specialist”, “financial analyst”, and “chief information officer”.

Looking for information about data science job titles and average salaies? Visit our Data Science Careers Outlook page.  

Data Science Job Boards

    This job site helps top companies connect with “rarefied talent in big data.”
  • KDnuggets
    KDnuggets is a leading site on business analytics, big data, data mining, and data science. KD stands for “knowledge discovery.”
  • iCrunchData
    This employment website specializes in technology and data jobs and also features social networking for job seekers and employers.


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