Impact Investing and Sustainability in the Financial Industry with Mitch DeWitt—Forward, Sustainably S1E3

UW Online Collaboratives October 17, 2019
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This week on Forward, Sustainably, University of Wisconsin Sustainable Management program manager, Amanda Goetsch, and podcast guest, Mitch DeWitt, delve into the intersection between sustainability and the financial industry. They talk about ESG investing, which considers the environmental, social, and governance implications of a business or company when determining return on investment. The ESG criteria looks at a company’s energy usage, waste generation, water consumption, employee engagement, ethics, transparent financial accounting, supplier engagement, local community involvement, and more. Later in the episode, Mitch provides insights and tools for new and experienced investors alike who strive to integrate sustainability values into their portfolios.

A logo for the Forward Sustainably podcast.Featured guest, Mitch DeWitt, is a financial advisor at Walkner Condon Financial Advisors located in Madison, Wisconsin. In his role, Mitch helps clients align their investments with their values. He holds an undergraduate degree in engineering from the University of Michigan Ann Arbor and an MBA from UW-Madison. After benefitting from financial advice in his personal life, Mitch found a passion to help others through financial situations, specializing in Environmental, Social, and Governance investing.

As trillions of dollars continue to pour into ESG funds, now is the time for businesses to prioritize their sustainability strategies in order to attract broader audiences of investors. You won’t want to miss this informative and fun discussion!

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Recording Date: September 5, 2019

Published: October 17, 2019

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