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Workplace Wellness Manager at Lands’ End Creates Meaningful Change in People’s Lives

UW Extended Campus August 5, 2015
Liz Wiebe

Rising healthcare costs and the advent of healthcare reform have inspired forward-thinking companies to develop wellness programs that offset health insurance premiums and inspire more healthy behavior among employees. With significant savings at stake, organizations are seeking skilled health and wellness professionals to build and manage programs that lower health-related costs, increase employee retention, and ultimately bolster the bottom line.

Gary Comer, founder and former CEO of Lands’ End, is way ahead of the corporate-health curve. In 1989, he donated the funds to develop the Comer Center in Dodgeville, Wisconsin. An 80,000 square-foot fitness and recreation facility, the Comer Center was built to maximize the health and wellness of Lands’ End employees and their families. Comer also led the creation of a comprehensive wellness program designed to mitigate healthcare costs from all angles. It has successfully promoted a healthful lifestyle among the company’s 5,000 employees and minimized health insurance costs at 16 locations.

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Liz Wiebe, workplace wellness manager for Lands’ End, facilitated wellness efforts at the Comer Center. In the video, she explains her role, why she’s excited to go to work in the morning, and how her efforts cause meaningful change in people’s lives. As an early contributor to the health and wellness field, she also discusses how the industry has evolved and what corporate wellness careers will look like in the future.

Liz believes there is a real need for qualified professionals who possess the skills provided by wellness programs such as the UW Master of Science in Health and Wellness Management. If you have a passion for helping people reach their health goals and the desire to pursue a “Bright Outlook” profession, this convenient online degree will take you to the next step in your career.

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