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Make Summer Count: Take These Data Science Summer Courses, Graduate Sooner

UW Online Collaboratives February 1, 2023
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If you’re a student in the online UW Master of Science in Data Science program, summer can save you time.

How much? Consider this example:

Say you take two courses each spring and fall semester, and you take summers off. You would earn your Data Science degree in three years.

Now, imagine you take two courses during summer semester, too. If you did this, you’d graduate with your master’s degree in just two years.

Summer matters a lot. Make it count.

You might be a current UW Data Science student hoping to speed up your time to graduation. Or maybe you haven’t applied to the program yet and want one semester to ease into online learning.

In either case, now is a perfect time to start planning because registration for summer courses opens March 13.  

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Here’s the list of courses being offered this summer:

DS 700: Foundations of Data Science

This course provides an introduction to data science and an overview of commonly used data science tools, such as Excel, PowerBI, R, and SQL Server. It also highlights the importance of data in business decision making.

DS 710: Programming for Data Science

This course introduces you to two of the most widely used programming languages for data science: Python and R. You will gain experience working with real-world data and leave the course with skills you can apply in other courses and on the job.

DS 715: Data Warehousing

This course introduces you to working with and managing subject-oriented, integrated, time-variant, and nonvolatile collections of data that support management’s decision making processes. 

DS 735: Communicating About Data 

With this course, learn how to master technical, informational, and persuasive communication to meet organizational goals. 

DS 740: Data Mining & Machine Learning 

Explore data mining methods and procedures for diagnostic and predictive analytics. You’ll learn about association rules, clustering algorithms, tools for classification, and ensemble methods. Prerequisites for this course: DS 700 and DS 710.  

DS 760: Ethics of Data Science

This course will take a deep dive into the ethical issues that are involved with computer and data science through analyzation of ethical arguments and decisions, as well as the utilization of case studies. Prerequisite for this course: DS 740. 

DS 780: Data Science and Strategic Decision Making

Explore the current and future applications of data science as a strategic decision-making tool to achieve a competitive advantage in business. This course will focus on making decisions based on an organization’s data assets to aid in real-life business challenges. 

DS 785: Capstone

This course delineates what is involved with the capstone project, its purpose, and the outline of what is needed to fulfill the project’s requirements. Prerequisites for this course: DS 715, DS 730, DS 735, DS 745, and DS 775. 

If you’re a prospective student: Apply now for a Master of Science in Data Science.

If you’re a current student: Register for summer semester after March 13.

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