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Meet the Faculty of the UW Biodiversity Conservation and Management Program

UW Online Collaboratives June 13, 2024

The Biodiversity Conservation and Management program faculty from UW-Green Bay have expertise in a wide range of scientific fields, including: conservation biology, biodiversity research methods, restoration ecology, conservation physiology, evolutionary biology, human dimensions of conservation, behavioral ecology, conservation project management, and community and ecosystem ecology.

Meet the Faculty

Amy Carrozzino-Lyon

Academic Director, Master of Science in Biodiversity Conservation and Management (BCM).

Restoration Scientist I, Natural & Applied Sciences.

B.S. (2006) Penn State; M.S. (2009) Virginia Tech; Ph.D. (2012) Virginia Tech.

Fields of interest: wetland ecology and conservation, fish and wildlife ecology and management, ecological restoration and monitoring, human dimensions of natural resources, environmental outreach and education, stakeholder engagement.

Patrick S. Forsythe

Professor, Natural and Applied Sciences (Biology).

B.S. (2000), M.S. (2003) Eastern Illinois University, Ph.D. (2010) Michigan State University.

Fields of interest: fisheries biology and ecology with emphasis on ecosystems of the Great Lakes region; mating systems and early life history dynamics of fishes; behavioral ecology and species interactions; population/community ecology; landscape ecology; conservation biology; dynamic evolutionary processes that lead to adaptation.

Lisa C. Grubisha

Associate Professor, Natural and Applied Sciences (Biology).

B.S. (1988) University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, M.S. (1998) Oregon State University, Ph.D. (2005) University of California-Berkeley.

Fields of interest: Fungal ecology and evolution, Microbial diversity and function, Conservation Biology, Population Genetics, Phylogenetics.

Daniel Meinhardt

Associate Professor, Natural and Applied Sciences (Biology).

B.S. (1992) Southern Illinois University; Ph.D. (2002) University of Kansas.

Fields of interest: human anatomy and physiology, comparative vertebrate anatomy, and evolutionary biology.

Paolo Segre

Assistant Professor, Natural & Applied Sciences.

B.S. (2003) University of Illinois; M.S. (2006) University of Montana; Ph.D. (2015) University of British Columbia.

Fields of interest: movement ecology; conservation physiology; functional morphology; birds and mammals.

Karen Stahlheber

Assistant Professor, Natural and Applied Sciences (Biology).

B.A. Middlebury College; Ph.D. University of California Santa Barbara.

Fields of interest: natural ecosystem restoration; connections among species diversity in plant communities; ecosystem procesess and human management.

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