SMGT 495 Sustainable Management Capstone

The capstone course provides students with the opportunity to apply what they’ve learned and gain hands-on experience in the real world. Each student will help a real organization solve an existing sustainability problem by implementing practical knowledge to achieve a triple-bottom-line solution. Projects may focus on issues such as supply chain structures, energy efficiencies, or environmental and climate concerns. The instructor will serve as a guide throughout the experience.

Prerequisites: SMGT 494 Pre-capstone is a zero credit course that students are automatically enrolled in once they have completed 10 courses. Students must also pass SMGT 494 quiz with an 80% or higher grade (mandatory), have senior standing and/or success coach/academic director permission to enroll in the capstone course. 

SMGT 495 course syllabus

View examples of past capstone projects.

Semesters Offered: Fall 2023, Fall 2024, Spring 2024, Spring 2025

Credits: 3

Degree Level: Bachelor's