APC 490 – Capstone Project Preparation

The purpose of this course is for students to choose a capstone project, create an initial plan with specific deliverables identified, and receive approval. This course covers review of key concepts necessary for success in the Capstone (APC 495) course, including software engineering practices, project management techniques, systems analysis, and communicating with technical or non-technical audiences (CTO, IT staff, etc.). May include additional topics specific to anticipated capstone projects.

Concurrent Course: APC 460 (Students may take this course after completing APC 460 or they can take the two courses at the same time.)

APC 490 Syllabus


  • APC 380 – Project Management Techniques
  • APC 460 – Software Engineering Practices

Capstone Project Ideas

Semesters Offered: Fall 2024

Credits: 1

Degree Level: Bachelor's