HCA 790 Capstone

The capstone course is a culmination of all prior coursework and learnings. Each project is tailored to a student’s interest and career goals, and often results in job opportunities and professional connections.You will apply aspects of healthcare administration theory and dynamics of inter-professionalism in a real-world healthcare setting. Your capstone work (a minimum of 150 hours) will be completed in partnership with designated site mentor/supervisors. The end result will be a substantive project deliverable demonstrating the summative application of your previous coursework.

Prerequisites: HCA 700, HCA 710, HCA 720, HCA 730, HCA 740, HCA 750, HCA 770, HCA 789

HCA 790 course syllabus

Semesters Offered: Fall 2023, Spring 2023, Spring 2024, Summer 2023, Summer 2024

Credits: 3

Degree Level: Master's