HIMT 360: Healthcare II: Survey of Disease and Treatments

This course further investigates the topics covered in HIMT 330 Health Care I: Terminology and Body Systems. On the basis of each body system, the course will further expand into the topics of human disease, human health issues, and classification of disease/health issues, including diagnostics, treatment, and clinical procedures that are currently in practice. In addition, the course will incorporate pharmacotherapeutic concepts (drugs and therapies to treat/prevent/control human disease/health issues), investigating the variety of drugs used for disease treatment for each body system. This will include the current biologicals that are used for treatment. Topics will include how the drugs and biologicals work, their limitations, and the current diversity of available drugs and biologicals.

Prerequisite(s): HIMT 330 Healthcare I: Terminology and Body Systems

HIMT 360 course syllabus

Semesters Offered: Fall 2024

Credits: 3

Degree Level: Bachelor's

Course Track: Core Courses