Capstone Projects

Students in our semester-based bachelor’s and master’s degree programs complete a final capstone project which synthesizes and applies information from their coursework. Students serve in a consultant role, identifying a business need of the partner site/organization, assessing it, analyzing the data, and providing recommendations for implementation that are grounded in research and best practices.

Capstone projects take place at host site and can be completed on site or remotely as needed by the host. In some cases, students can complete their capstone through their current place of employment.

Capstone students build relationships and gain experience with their host organization–while working directly with stakeholders to solve a timely business problem or question.

Explore our database of completed capstone projects or refer to the capstone course description for your program of interest to learn more about the capstone process.

CBA for a Medical Record Archival Decision

Health Information Management Technology
Waukesha, Wisconsin

Managing Populations Toward the Triple Aim

Health Information Management Technology
Green Bay, Wisconsin

Medical Transcriptionist Productivity

Health Information Management Technology
Beloit, Wisconsin

Clinic Operations Quality Improvement Initiative

Health Information Management Technology
Appleton, Wisconsin